Julie Lowenthal
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Now offering online and telephone therapy


I am a caring and professional therapist seeing adult clients and young people from 11 years old.

I offer sessions at:

near central Exeter,

Crediton and Chulmleigh

To help you to find the therapist that is the right fit for you, I offer a low cost initial meeting. While it is sometimes difficult to come to therapy, there is a such sense of joy in progress & often laughter too.

Therapy is a valuable and potentially life changing experience, an investment in regaining yourself.

My fees are on a sliding scale - £40 to £55, with limited concessionary spaces too.


The ecopsychology movement considers that as humans we are innately connected to our planet and the other than human populations upon it; the current ecological crisis and our psychological ill health are intrinsically connected. Ecotherapy can be considered to be ecopsychology applied in practice or could be defined as nature assisted therapy.

I currently offer walk and talk sessions, which can be at a place convenient to you as well as more private sessions at Honey in Your Heart - near Kings Nympton Station.


A brand new social enterprise just starting up near Chulmleigh, Devon

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