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Julie Lowenthal
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

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An experienced, caring and professional therapist seeing adult clients and young people from 11 years old.

Therapy is a valuable and potentially life changing experience

an investment in you that pays generous dividends.

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Sessions available in:

  • Exeter and Crediton

  • Home visits. Please ask about availability in these and other areas.

  • Online via my secure, professional therapy space.


Fees are on a sliding scale - £45 to £65 per hour which is dependent on individual circumstances and works on a trust basis. 

I provide a high quality of counselling and many of my peers charge higher rates but I believe in therapy being as accessible as possible.

If this feels a little confusing (it is a little unusual) please ask me about it.

Please do ask about my limited concessionary spaces if this will enable you to access therapy.

I can offer a free telephone or online consultation.

Most people have experienced the nourishment from spending time in nature, connected to things that are not man made.

This can really help bring us back to ourselves. In ecotherapy we can consider nature to be like an extra being in the therapeutic relationship.

I currently offer sessions in nature. These can be walking, sitting, playing, creating and or talking - but certainly allowing your connection with nature to be an additional part of your healing.

Ecotherapy sessions can be at a natural place convenient to you or in greater privacy at Honey in Your Heart - between Kings Nympton Station and Chulmleigh.

 The ecopsychology movements considers that as humans we are innately connected to our planet and the other than human populations upon it and so the current ecological crisis and our psychological ill health are intrinsically connected. All of this, the anxiety, grief, sense of disempowerment and other very real psychological impacts of climate change can be explored in the therapy room.

Please also enquire about Active Hope workshops

Fees are similar to individual therapy above - depending on the distance traveled and it may be helpful to have longer sessions.


A brand new social enterprise just starting up near Chulmleigh, Devon

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