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Julie Lowenthal,


I am passionate about my role as a counsellor and the profound life changes that it can facilitate. I have experience with a very full range of the reasons / combination of reasons that bring people to therapy; as well as neurodivergence, people of the global majority and other diverse populations.


My core integrative training is in Person Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT therapies. Alongside this we integrated Existential, Gestalt and Creative therapies as well as studying up to date neuroscience theory. I am a Systemic Practitioner with training in Systemic and Family Therapy to intermediate level. We are all a part of original families as well as wider society and it is helpful to consider how this affects us as individuals. (I am not currently taking on family work).


  • BA Hons in Integrative Counselling, validated by Worcester University. First Class

  • FdA In Integrative Counselling, validated by Worcester University.

  • Foundation in Family Therapy, Level 6, degree module, validated by Plymouth University.

  • Intermediate Course in Family therapy (including a CAMHS placement) Level 6, degree module, validated by Plymouth University..

  • Group Facilitation Training, Stephen Tame, Jayne Johnson

  • Moving your Practice Online 2020

I work with:


Depression / low mood

Self esteem / self compassion



Relationship difficulties

And much more - do contact me to ask, we can always arrange a 20 minute, free, consultation to see if we will be a good fit.

Relationship, of the lack of relationships and loneliness, is often core to what people bring. Whether this is with partners, friendships or parents. I also understand the patterns of behaviour and harm done in abusive and toxic relationships.

Families are increasingly under pressure and I offer counselling for children 11 and over. I also strongly feel that supporting parents is often overlooked. If a child is struggling, then having a parent who is able to be present with them can be the greatest gift. So counselling for parents can be invaluable.

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