Julie Lowenthal


I am passionate about my role as a counsellor and the profound life changes it can facilitate. I have experience with a very full range of the reasons / combination of reasons that bring people to therapy.


Counselling is somewhere to be truly heard, how often do you get to talk about and think about yourself for a full hour with someone deeply listening and alongside you, as you untangle, release and re-evaluate?

I limit the number of counselling clients I have each week so that I am able to provide this level of deep attention.

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What reasons and hopes are bringing you to wonder if counselling can help you?


I am used to helping people with concerns in relationships or are lonely and feeling disconnected. Are you suffering with anxiety, low mood or self esteem? There is a marked increase in people experiencing all these distresses due to all we have experienced during the last year or so of isolation and restrictions.

I work with people who have suffered trauma and abuse, to help them learn to experience feeling safety again.


Relationships, or the lack of relationships and loneliness, is often core to what people bring. Whether that is with partners, friendships or parents. I also understand the patterns of behaviour and harm done in abusive and toxic relationships.

Families are increasingly under pressure and I offer counselling for children 11 and over. I also feel that supporting parents is often over looked. If a child is struggling then having a parent who is able to be present with them can be the greatest gift. So counselling for parents can be invaluable.


Currently a secondary school counsellor as well as working with adults of all ages and life stages.

I have worked for many years in education, in various roles both as support and teaching. As well as the NHS in a busy triage department. I have also run successful businesses and traveled widely. So I am able to communicate with people from all walks of life.

I have experience counselling people who are neuro diverse and people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. I also have a broad understanding of gender issues.

Qualifications and training

2018 - 19

First class honours degree in Integrative Counselling


Foundation degree in Integrative counselling


Re-evaluation counsellor (peer counselling)

Currently studying Family Therapy